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The perfect inner mind is simple, calm, and orderly. We can get by on some well founded basics.

However, the outside world sometimes requires... spikes.

This game was built for the #VRJAM16 event using the LudumDare theme of "shapeshift". The only thing that shape shifts is the player as it passes from one side of the mesh to the other.

Some day, I would like to update these levels to be a little smoother. I really like the idea of moving between the sides of a mesh in VR but I would like to make it FEEL like things are changing. I wanted the "outside" to be cell shaded instead of still being wireframed but I didn't have time for art.

The goal was to to build levels that requires the player to move between the inside and outside of the mesh and using their morphed form and new skills to solve puzzles.

In the future, I would like to use some other form of input. Wave your hands around and you'll see the Leap Motion hands if you've got the sensor on your HMD...

Making this room scale would be REALLY fun though...

Install instructions

This game was built using the v1.3.1 Oculus runtime and the DK2. It has not been tested with other versions of the runtime.

The game expects you to have a game controller. It was built using the XBox 360 controller and Microsoft wireless receiver.

Press R on your keyboard to center the world after you're situated...

Note: I originally uploaded just the exe. I have since uploaded a full zip of the project.

Extract the zip, turn on your controller, put your HMD on, run the executable!

Hint: Stay in the "groove"...


rollmesh_v0.3.zip 45 MB


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You have forgotten the data folder. Fix it!

Ah! Thank you! Fixing it now!


Should be fixed now!